La Flaca


Flaca means ‘slim’ in Spanish. The name was chosen as an allegory to the lamp’s thin shape.

There has been an important effort designing LaFlaca: that of reducing a lamp to its minimum expression by removing everything superfluous and unnecessary. 


La Flaca Product

The lamp was reduced to its essential elements: a positive pole, a negative pole and an insulator.

The shade, formed by only three pieces resolves all the electrical connections without the need of cables, acting as lamp holder, a switch,a dimmer and a reflector. This principle has also been applied to the body and base of the lamp. By using the least of pieces and components, the time of assembly and manufacturing is reduced and therefore also reduced the energy consumption and cost. The manufacturing processes are basic and locally accessible, saving in unnecessary transportation of materials and resulting in a more ecological product.

These improvements translate in closeness, mystery and surprise as they are discovered while switching the lamp on and off, assembling the lamp and exploring the possibilities of interaction between the person and The Lamp.

Temporarily out of production