Home/Office is a like a local tattoo applied onto a universal design. We have been working on transforming an industrially produced object by the use of a traditional textile technique. Instead of having as a starting point a refused object as in PET Lamp -which has lost its function and has been transformed into some other product (a lampshade)-, we decided to work on a classic design, the Aluminum Chair by Charles and Ray Eames designed in 1958, and apply to it an ornamentation full of connotations.

The starting point was not only analysing the object itself but also the company which manufactures it and the status it has achieved. Vitra´s great achievement has been bringing the office to the home and taking the home to the office, and we wanted the project to materialise that concept through a subtle intervention while generating a strong visual impact.

As a sign of respect to the chair, it has had a non aggressive and reversible intervention by just passing a needle through the holes of its standard net weaved fabric leaving its trace in the form of a victorian petit point flower. Two icons clashing to bring to life the concept of the manufacturer of the chair.


Home/Office Product

The Aluminum Chair is a global product, sold worldwide with minimum variations. The HOME/OFFICE project offers the possibility of transforming the Aluminum Chair into a local product by local artisan.

The ornamentation of the chair is done stitch by stitch, completely by hand by a professional weaver, challenging our preconceptions and accentuating our impression of just how much hand labour and how much industry is really applied to what we understand as an industrial object.

Lenuta Scutelnicu, from Romania, has been in charge of intervening the chairs. She has been living in Spain with her family for the past 7 years. Currently she works in the airport security control, but she has always been deeply involved with embroidery. She learned this technique by herself while living in Romania and she became an authority on this hand labour. Anyway, making a living from this kind of crafts is a hard task, but she is still doing it professionally whenever she has the chance. Our will  is to bring back embroidery to a contemporary object and public and we are glad to count on Lenuta’s skills and talent.



Home/Office Details

EA 105
Aluminium-Chair EA105,
Non-swivel, without armrests.
Chromed base.
Cover material: Netweave
Cover colour: 66 Nero, 88 Bianco

EA 108
Aluminium-Chair EA108,
Swivel, with armrests.
Chromed base.
Cover material: Netweave
Cover colour: 66 Nero, 88 Bianco

Clients can choose between
Chair model: EA 105 or EA 108
Colour of Netweave: Black or white
Embroidery motive: From 1 to 8