Candil was conceived as a tabletop version of Cornucopia. While the technical principle remains the same, reducing the lamp to its three basic elements, in this case the use of materials reflects on the different physical properties necessary to make the electrical apparatus work. Copper and brass are optimum conductors, while wood acts as a perfect insulator.

The carefully crafted shapes of the copper bowls allow the bulb to effortlessly slide in its place, while its warm tones gently alter the quality of the light giving it a candlelight effect.

The three available models take their names from the cities which influenced the realization of the object, Kyoto, where it all began, Madrid, where the project was developed and Milan where they were first presented to the public.


Candil Product

The object itself becomes a natural extension of the electric cable. the negative pole(copper). The positive pole (brass) and the insulator (wood) play two roles and together they become substance and shape of the product.

The light bulb itself acts as the ON/OFF switch completing the circuit when it is placed into the hole of the bowl. They are special bulbs of 24 Volts 25 Watts which only use half of the power. This feature does not only avoid excessive warming or failure but thanks to a carefully selected amount of light, it transports us to the intimate and pleasant world of the candlelight.

Candil lamp is made in signed editions of 100 pieces

Candil Details

Candil MILAN
ø: 13,7 cm.
H: 18,2 cm.
ø: 14,3 cm.
H: 11,4 cm.
Candil KYOTO
ø: 16 cm.
H: 11 cm.
Technical specifications
Input 220V – Output 12V
Bulb: 24V – 25W (included)
Copper, wood, brass and glass.